Almost Half Of Netflix’s Seaspiracy Watchers Consider Giving Up Fish

Almost Half Of Netflix’s Seaspiracy Watchers Consider Giving Up Fish

The Netflix documentary called ‘Seaspiracy’ explores how fishing influences the environment. The trailer for the show was released several weeks ago. After watching it, nearly half of the viewers are considering completely removing fish from their diet.

Ever since the release of its trailer, the show has raised many questions. Many people are wondering why the show wasn’t called ‘Conspirasea’. But more importantly, lots of viewers are considering giving up fish.

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LADbible published a poll on Twitter, asking Seaspiracy viewers whether they are planning to stop consuming fish. The poll revealed that 42% of viewers are indeed considering giving up fish after watching the documentary. Over 9,000 people casted their votes on the LADbible poll. Although this is relatively a small amount, if you generalize the results, it’s clear that the documentary could have a significant impact on people’s eating habits.

Ali and Lucy Tabrizi, the directors of the documentary, set up a petition in an attempt to protect the sea. This asks the government to create and enforce ‘no-catch’ zones across 30% of oceans belonging to the United Kingdom. This has received over 165,000 signatures.

The petition states: “Unless we act now we will live to see the death of the oceans, and our children will never know the wonder and beauty of our once thriving blue planet”. It also says that although Seaspiracy has exposed the reality of fishing, everybody must come together in order to fix this issue. The petition urges people to join hands with this historic movement to protect at least 30% of UK waters by 2030.

Credit: Netflix

Seaspiracy experienced lots of criticism, with many claiming that the show is ‘sensationalist, imbalanced and inaccurate’. However, once you take a look at how people are reacting to the show on social media, it’s apparent that the show has had a huge impact on its viewers. Many people even vowed to go vegan after watching it. Since we all know that it’s ‘easier said than done, whether Seaspiracy can have a long-lasting impact is yet to be seen.

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