Shy Shelter Dog Named "Chance" Has Been Waiting For A Shelter Home For 7 Years

Shy Shelter Dog Named “Chance” Has Been Waiting For A Shelter Home For 7 Years

Every shelter dog deserves a forever home that gives them love, affection, and safety. However, some dogs are lucky enough to find their forever homes soon, while it takes a long time for others. Some dogs always get overlooked and remain in shelters for months, or even years, without getting adopted. A number of reasons such as their personality, interactions, and appearance affect this. This dog named Chance, an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Pit Bull Terrier mix, faces the same fate because of his shy personality. Despite staying at the shelter for 7 years, nobody adopted her. Therefore, in the present, her caretakers at the shelter are trying their best to find her a home.

Chance was taken to The Haven Animal Care Shelter in Lubbock, Texas in 2015. He was rescued from a dog fight that left him with significant injuries. Dr. Brenda Wilbanks, the rescue’s director, states that Chance’s jaw was hanging down and she needed surgery and extensive care. When she arrived, her torn face was badly bleeding. Following the unfortunate incident, Chance grew very skittish. Because of this, her rescuers even mistook her for a male.

Although the shelter ensured her safety and nursed her back to health, the incident has deeply affected her. She continued to be shy and careful around people. Because of this, her chances of getting adopted are reduced. The Haven states that although she has lots of love to give, she’s very shy, and because of this, she always gets overlooked. Sadly, Chance has now become the longest resident in Haven, being in the shelter for seven years.

The Below Video Shows Chance, Happily Going For A Walk

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As shown in the video above, Chance has shown some progress in opening up to people. Therefore, her caretakers are looking for someone to give her a chance. However, since Chance has never known a life outside kennels, she will need a special home. She will need a family who will not only shower her with love and affection but also put in the effort to make her feel comfortable. Although it has taken a long time, the shelter believes that Chance will soon get her well-deserved happy ending. So, what are your thoughts about this story? Share them with us in the comments.


Shelter dog Chance


Shelter dog Chance


Shelter dog Chance


Shelter dog Chance


Shelter dog Chance

Image credits: The Haven ACS Lubbock / Facebook

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