Medical Conditions Can Be Monitored By The World's Smallest Implantable Chip

Medical Conditions Can Be Monitored By The World’s Smallest Implantable Chip

The world’s smallest implantable chip which was created by engineers at Colombia University, New York, has the ability to monitor the medical conditions of people. In addition to this, this innovative chip can carry out many other tasks as well. These include monitoring blood pressure, temperature, glucose, and respiration for diagnostic as well therapeutic procedures.

Columbia University claims that the chip has been designed in a way that can support and enhance physiological functions. It can also treat diseases. Therefore, this unique chip can improve the quality of life of patients greatly.

Smallest implantable chip
Source – Chen Shi / Columbia University

The total volume of this chip is about 0.1 mm3, so it’s only observable through a microscope. The scientists could only communicate with the device wirelessly through ultrasound power. The study was led by Ken Shepherd. He’s a professor of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering and was published on the 7th of May.

The Chip Functions As A Complete System

In a university press release, Shepherd stated that they wanted to see how small an effectively functioning chip they could create. He said that this is a new idea of a ‘chip as a system’, and that this chip by itself can function as a complete system. Additionally, he explained that this chip is a major step towards the development of wireless, miniaturized, implantable medical devices. These devices can sense a variety of things, be used in clinical applications, and used for the betterment of humans.

Smallest implantable chip

A doctoral student named Chen Shi designed the chip. Then, it was fabricated at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. After that, the Columbia Nano Initiative cleanroom and the City University of New York Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) Nanofabrication Facility carried out additional process modifications.

The current model can only determine the body temperature. However, there will surely be many more possibilities in the future.

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