Mom in tears when finding her dog starving after being stolen 2 years ago

Mom In Tears After Witnessing The State Of Her Dog Stolen 2 Years Ago

One day an animal shelter came across one sick abandoned dog besieged from a bad case of scabies. The dog had beautiful blue eyes, but life on the streets had made him look dirty and pitiful. After initial treatment, a photo of this innocent pooch was shared on Facebook by a shelter, with the hope of finding him a forever home for good.


As the unfortunate dog’s photo started to go viral on social media platforms, the animal shelter received a call from a woman who alleged that this dog might be her lost dog who was stolen from her yard two years ago.

The woman was requested to come and see if the pooch can recognize her. The video shows the reaction of the depressed dog when the woman was reaching him and it’s absolutely unreal.


At first, the pooch looked a bit doubtful and alarmed, but he gently held her hands and stood up on his back legs to have a closer look, after recognizing her face and smell. The poor dog, whose name is Lord recognized her probably by her smell and starts licking and kissing her all over.

This deeply sensitive reunion has left us all in tears. We are extremely thankful for the shelter and every person who shared Lord’s photo on social media and helped him find his way back to his mom again even though it took almost two years.


It is still unclear who snatched poor old Lord from his mom or how he landed in the streets but everyone is thankful that he finally came back home safely.

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