Student Gets Gifted A Car After Walking 20 Miles For The First Day Of Work

Student Gets Gifted A Car After Walking 20 Miles For The First Day Of Work

The most important to succeed at any job is a consistently steadfast work ethic. When we look into the life stories of most successful people, we learn that they have faced countless struggles and challenges along the way. They sacrificed all that they had to be the best in their respective industries. This is also such an inspiring story.

Back in 2018, Walter Carr, then aged 20, was just employed at Bellhops, a moving company in Alabama. The location he was initially assigned to was at a distance of 20 miles from his home, and he has to arrive early at his job. This distance wouldn’t have been an issue with a car. However, unfortunately, Carr’s car broke down on his first day of work. Although this would’ve been a good excuse to skip work or to arrive late, Carr decided to set to work on foot. Yes, you read that right. The graduate from Birmingham College was going to arrive at work on time, no matter what.

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The night before, he could only sleep for 4 hours, so that he’d have enough time to make the walk. After putting on suitable trousers so that the long grass on his way won’t bother him, he left home at midnight. Carr arrived at Pelham on time. Luckily, he didn’t have to walk the total distance. At Pelham, police officers saw him and asked him what he was up to. When Carr told them that he’s only going to work, they were amazed at his dedication.

After treating him for some food, the cops took him to a local church. Although they promised to drive Carr to work, Carr wouldn’t wait. By the time the cops came back, Carr has started walking again. So they searched and picked him up, and drove him to work.

A Big Surprise Awaited Carr At The Job

After learning about the incident, Jenny Lamey, the owner of the home being moved, posted shared what happened on Facebook. Her post soon took the internet by storm. Not only that, but Carr had actually arrived ahead of schedule that day, so Lamey had time to talk with the car till the rest of the crew arrived.

Walter Carr
Source – Facebook

Everyone that heard Carr’s story was inspired by him. Eventually, the story found its way to Luke Marklin, the CEO of Bellhops. Following this, Carr got a well-deserved reward for his immense dedication. To show his appreciation and gratitude for the employee, Luka gifted Carr with his own new car, a 2014 Ford Escape. Luke told Inside Edition that the car would be much more useful to Carr than to himself.

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Walter was in tears when he received the gift. He and his mother used to reside in New Orleans. However, they were forced to relocate to Birmingham as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Walter Carr
Source – ABC7 Chicago

The humble young man only wanted to arrive at his job on time and show his dedication. However, his work ethic and respect for his job are extraordinary. So, what are your thoughts about his story? Check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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