The Bee Has Been Announced "The Most Important Living Being On Earth"

The Bee Has Been Announced “The Most Important Living Being On Earth”

Bees were declared the most indispensable species on this planet by the Royal Geographic Society of London. Their survival is absolutely crucial if they were to extinct, humans would be next in line. And what’s more terrifying is that bees have been added to the list of species that are expected to extinct in the coming years.

The Importance Of Bees

What makes bees irreplaceable is their congruous, interdependency with flowering plants. Pollination influences nearly 75% of the food crops that we consume. As the Food and Agricultural Organization of The United States states, a deterioration in the bee community would affect major crops. Apples, tomatoes, almonds, cocoa, and coffee are also on this list.

The global crops that survive directly on natural pollination bring huge numbers in value. Since artificial pollination is unachievable on a large scale, the numbers are reducing at a high rate.
The 20, 000 different species of bees that currently live on Earth vary from 2mm to 4cm in size. And if they do disappear, the chances for a person to taste a bit of original sweet honey would become nil. 500 million bees have died in Brazil alone within 3 months. The number of hives in 1947 amounts to approximately 6 million. However, this number has shown a 60% reduction by 2008.

Causes For The Decline Of Bees

The major causes of the reduction of the bee population are deforestation and the increased use of pesticides. Phone signals also dramatically affect bees, adding more to the list of mobile phone faults.

honey bees
Daniel Favre, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology said, “There is clear evidence that the bees are sensitive to phone signals and are disturbed by mobile phones”. Bees usually start buzzing when they are about to leave the hive in search of food. However, phone signals cause them to leave the hive before the queen bee matures.
In order to save both bees and humankind from the awaiting disaster, pollinator-friendly practices of repelling insects should be implemented in farmlands. In order to protect the habitats of bees, we should preserve floral habitats.

honey bees
It was always bees that benefitted humans; so this is our time to do something in return which would also be a reward to ourselves.

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