This Enormous Great Dane Is The Purrfect Mama Cat

This Enormous Great Dane Is The Purrfect Mama Cat

People say that cats and dogs don’t get along. I think most people who have these two pets at home know this isn’t true. People can be good friends with both dogs and cats. They could also make a lot of mess together, but that’s not a bad thing!

This is a story about a Great Dane named Corbin, who is the best foster dad ever! Puppies and kitties are what make this 150-pound “gentle giant” the happiest!

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This is Corbin, a 150-pound Great Gentle Dane.

People are afraid of Corbin’s size, but he is the gentlest creature on the planet.

The dog lends a hand in the care of kittens that his mother, Karen, has been fostering for a number of years.

It makes Corbin the happiest when he is with cute and fluffy friends.

About 5.5 years ago, Karen’s family decided to adopt Corbin. The dog was 8 months old and weighed 110 pounds when he was adopted..

In the presence of many people, he was extremely shy, nervous, and terrified of them. But he always had a special place in his heart for other dogs and cats.”

Karen was concerned at first that Corbin would unintentionally injure a kitten because of his size.

But this gentle giant was very careful with the little kittens. He was the best foster mama for the kittens.

This post defies all the controversy of dog vs cat, you can clearly see how nurturing the two animals can be to each other. This is the perfect example to show us, they are not natural enemies. If you like this post, make sure to share it with your family and friends. Spread the joy!

Image Credits: Corbin The Great Dane

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