Tiny Owl Uses Mushroom As Umbrella During Rainstorm.

Tiny Owl Uses Mushroom As Umbrella During Rainstorm.

These photographs show Poldi, a charming owl. He belongs to Tanja Brandt, a talented photographer, and these stunning images were taken by her.
It started to rain during their outdoor adventures with the artist and her pet owl. Poldi took shelter under a little mushroom when the rain started to come down.

At that exact moment, Tanja took these adorable and unique pictures of Poldi. Since Poldi was so little, the photographs became even more precious. Tanja adopted him when he was just five months old and has raised him ever since. At first, Poldi was not excited about coming out of his egg. But when he finally did come out, it was the tiniest little owl out of his six sisters.

Also, Tanja has a Harris Hawk, a white-faced owl named Gandalf, and a snow owl named Uschi. Of all the feathery birdies. Poldi’s best friend happens to be Ingo, a German shepherd who is also Tanja’s dog.

Tanja enjoys spending time with her animals in the great outdoors, and she’s always snapping photographs along the way. Tanja is well-educated about the animals and can even understand what they’re thinking.

Now let’s enjoy the adorable pictures.

#1 Cute Little Owl Under Cute Little Mushroom

#2 The Tiny Poldi

#3 I Am Tiny As A Tiny Mushroom

#4 I Can Also Be Creepy As A Creepy Mushroom

#5 This Is My Best Friend, Ingo.

#6 I Can Take Pictures Like My Hooman Too!

#7 Dramatic

#8 My Family

#9 I Tend To Be Incredibly Photogenic

#10 This Is Me Taking My Best Friend For A Walk

Image credit: Tanja Brandt

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