Taiwan Sends White Rhino To Japan To Find Love And A Mate

Taiwan Sends White Rhino To Japan To Find Love And A Mate

Love is the greatest of all conquests, they say. It’s the same for animals too. Emma, a five-year-old white rhinoceros traveled from Taiwan to Japan for this worthy cause.

Emma is now staying at Tobu Zoo in Japan where she met her first suitor, Moran who is only 5 years older. Her attractive traits, including a “mild personality” and less tendency to get into fights, made her the chosen one out of 23 rhinos.

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Emma was to arrive in March but, the coronavirus stood in the way. She traveled 16 hours from Leofoo Safari to conquer her love. When she finally arrived on Tuesday, 8th June, she boldly walked straight into the sleeping room.

Though the arrangement was initially delayed, it gave her keepers to familiarize herself with the Japanese words for “come” and “go”.  The move overseas became much easier thanks to her small size.

White rhino japan
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With only around 18,000 left in the wild, white rhinos are classified under Near Threatened. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), this makes the breeding of white rhinos quite crucial.

Zoo breeding companies have successfully managed to augment white rhinos in the south. However, things are a little unfortunate for those in the North. Currently, there are only two white rhinos remaining in the North. To add to the trouble, both of them are female which means they’ll soon face extinction unless scientists come up with a tangible plan.

The principal threat to their existence is poaching for horns. Their horns are marketed as an aphrodisiac or a cancer cure, both of which are not on a scientific basis.

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