Here's What The Largest Whale In The World Can Do

Here’s What The Largest Whale In The World Can Do

If someone asks us about the largest animal on Earth, we immediately think of blue whales. Technically, this answer isn’t wrong. But it’s not completely correct either. Antarctic blue whales, which are a subspecies of blue whales, are the largest whales. Also, they are most likely the biggest mammals and the overall largest animal species on Earth. According to some scientists, Antarctic blues whales are the biggest mammals ever to inhabit Earth.

Antarctic blue whale

These massive creatures grow up to a whopping length of 30 meters and a weight of 200 tons. We all know that that the largest terrestrial animal is the African elephant. The Antarctic blue whales grow up to an estimated size of 33 African elephants. Although this approximation helps us imagine how massive they are, I’m sure it’s impossible to properly grasp their actual size unless you see them yourself.

Antarctic blue whale

in the early 1900s, there were around 125,000 whales alive. However, after the legalization of commercial whaling in the 1900s, Antarctic blue whales have become an endangered species. At present, the population of these massive creatures is around 3000, and many organizations making efforts to restore the whale population.

Krill is the exclusive diet of Antarctic blue whales. On average, these massive creatures consume two tonnes of krill per day, whereas some larger members may consume up to six tons. Therefore, the extinction of these whales will result in oceans being overrun by krill. So, what do you think about these enormous animals? Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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